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Roger Rabbits special effects still fucking hold up by todays standards AND looks better than most films that come out NOW it was that ahead of its time

I’m still amazed that Hoskins had that little to work with. Everything about this video is awesome.

This made my day.

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Bird. Bird. Bird. Bird is the word. Well, at least it can be if you jot down a note in one of Kate Semple’s sweet avian-covered cards. She’s a designer/illustrator in York, UK with a great eye for color and textured patterns. She’s busy doing logo and identity work but also creating lines of cards, notebooks and festive banners to brighten your day. Love it!


you gotta be careful with girls named katherine because it could be spelled katherine or kathryn or catherine cathryn katherin kcatcheyn ckathcryrn catrchckern kathtrine 

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